Embedded System Questions and Answers Part-2

1. How the input terminals are associated with external environments?
a) Inputs
b) Outputs
c) Actuators
d) Sensors

Answer: d
Explanation: Sensors measures the physical quantity and convert it into electrical whereas actuators convert electrical quantity into physical quantity.

2. Which type of memory is suitable for low volume production of embedded systems?
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Non-volatile
d) Volatile

Answer: c
Explanation: The devices which use non-volatile memory allow the software to download and returned in the device. UV erasable EPROM is favorable but EEPROM is also gaining favor. Therefore, this type of memory is used in low volume production.

3. Which one of the following is UV erasable?
d) Flash memory

Answer: b
Explanation: EPROM is an erasable program and it can be erased by ultraviolet radiations. SRAM and DRAM are volatile memories. Flash memory is a volatile memory but it is not UV erasable.

4. What kind of visual panel is used for seven segmented display?
a) Binary output
b) Analogue output
c) LCD
d) LED

Answer: c
Explanation: LCD

5. What type of memory is suitable for high volume production?
a) ROM
b) RAM

Answer: a
Explanation: Read Only Memory is suitable for high volume production since it is a nonvolatile memory.

6. The initial routine is often referred to as
a) Initial embedded program
b) Final program
c) Initial program
d) Bootstrap program

Answer: d
Explanation: ROM contains the program which is capable of obtaining the full software from another source within or outside of the system. This initialisation routine is also referred to as bootstrap program or routine.

7. Which is the single device capable of providing prototyping support for a range of microcontroller?
a) OTP
b) Umbrella device
c) RAM
d) ROM

Answer: b
Explanation: Umbrella device is capable of providing prototyping support for a range of microcontrollers.

8. It retains its content when power is removed. What type of memory is this?
b) RAM
c) Volatile memory
d) Nonvolatile memory

Answer: d
Explanation: Nonvolatile devices are those which always retains it content even when any abrupt change occurs and nonvolatile memory are a kind of such devices. But RAM is a volatile memory which is primary storage that can only access its data only when the device is powered and SRAM is a type of RAM which is called Static RAM.

9. What type of memory is suitable for medium volume production?
a) ROM
b) RAM
c) Umbrella devices
d) OTP

Answer: d
Explanation: One-time programmable memory is also a nonvolatile memory so it is used for medium volume production.

10. What kind of memory does an OTP have?
d) RAM

Answer: a
Explanation: OTP is one-time programming so it should possess a nonvolatile memory and EPROM is a nonvolatile memory whereas SRAM, DRAM and RAM are volatile memories.