Embedded System Questions and Answers Part-1

1. Which of the following is a RISC architecture?
a) 80386
c) 80286
d) Zilog Z80

Answer: b
Explanation: MIPS possess a RISC architecture whereas 80386, 80286 and Zilog Z80 are CISC architectures.

2. What is CISC?
a) Complex instruction set computing
b) Complimentary instruction set computing
c) Computing instruction set complex
d) Complex instruction set complementary

Answer: a
Explanation: It is complementary to RISC architecture and has complex instruction set compared to RISC architecture.

3. VME bus stands for
a) Versa module embedded bus
b) Vertical module Europa bus
c) Vertical module embedded bus
d) Versa module Europa bus

Answer: d
Explanation: A computer bus standard in Eurocard sizes mainly developed for Motorola MC6800 family and later on used in many applications and approved by IEEE.

4. Which one of the following offers CPUs as integrated memory or peripheral interfaces?
a) Microcontroller
b) Memory system
c) Microprocessor
d) Embedded system

Answer: a
Explanation: Microcontrollers are the CPUs which have integrated memory and peripherals but microprocessor possesses external chips for memory.

5. Which of the following possesses a CISC architecture?
a) Blackfin
b) ARC
c) MC68020
d) Atmel AVR

Answer: c
Explanation: MC68020 is having a CISC architecture. CISC architecture is used for code efficiency whereas RISC architecture is used for speeding up the processor. ARC, Atmel AVR, and Blackfin are RISC architectures.

6. How an embedded system communicate with the outside world?
a) Peripherals
b) Output
c) Memory
d) Input

Answer: a
Explanation: The system communicates with the outside world through peripherals.

7. Which one of the following is board based system?
a) Address bus
b) DMA bus
c) VMEbus
d) Data bus

Answer: c
Explanation: VMEbus is Versa Module Europa Bus which is used as a board based system for easy manipulation. VMEbus is a computer bus standard developed for the Motorola MC6800 family and is mainly based on Eurocard sizes.

8. Which of the following offers external chips for memory and peripheral interface circuits?
a) Peripheral system
b) Microcontroller
c) Embedded system
d) Microprocessor

Answer: d
Explanation: Microcontrollers are the CPUs which have integrated memory and peripherals whereas microprocessor offers external chips for memory.

9. How is the protection and security for an embedded system made?
a) Memory disk security
b) IPR
c) Security chips
d) OTP

Answer: b
Explanation: Intellectual property right provides security and protection to embedded systems.

10. How many bits does an MC6800 family have?
a) 4
b) 32
c) 16
d) 8

Answer: d
Explanation: MC6800 is an 8-bit processor proposed by Motorola.