Units and Measurement Questions and Answers Part-8

1. Which relation is wrong
a) 1 Calorie = 4.18 Joules
b) \[1\dot{A}=10^{-10}m\]
c) \[1MeV=1.6\times 10^{-13}Joules\]
d) \[1Newton=10^{-5}Dynes\]

Answer: d
Explanation: 1 Newton = 105 Dyne

2. If \[x=at+bt^{2}\] , where x is the distance travelled by the body in kilometres while t is the time in seconds, then the units of b are
a) \[Km\diagup s\]
b) \[Km- s\]
c) \[Km\diagup s^{2}\]
d) \[Km- s^{2}\]

Answer: c

3. Which of the following quantity is expressed as force per unit area
a) Work
b) Pressure
c) Volume
d) Area

Answer: b
Explanation: Pressure

4. Unit of impulse is
a) Newton
b) \[kg-m\]
c) \[kg-m\diagup s\]
d) Joule

Answer: c
Explanation: Impulse = Force * time = (kg-m/s2) *s = kg-m/s

5. Which is not a unit of electric field
a) \[NC^{-1}\]
b) \[Vm^{-1}\]
c) \[JC^{-1}\]
d) \[JC^{-1}m^{-1}\]

Answer: c
Explanation: \[JC^{-1}\]

6. The correct value of \[0^{\circ}C\] on the Kelvin scale is
a) 273.15 K
b) 272.85 K
c) 273 K
d) 273.2 K

Answer: a
Explanation: K = C + 273.15

7. 'Torr' is the unit of
a) Pressure
b) Volume
c) Density
d) Flux

Answer: a
Explanation: 'Torr' is the unit of Pressure

8. Which of the following is a derived unit
a) Unit of mass
b) Unit of length
c) Unit of time
d) Unit of volume

Answer: d
Explanation: Unit of volume

9. \[Dyne\diagup cm^{2}\]   is not a unit of
a) Pressure
b) Stress
c) Strain
d) Young's modulus

Answer: c
Explanation: Strain

10. The units of angular momentum are
a) \[kg-m^{2}\diagup s^{2}\]
b) \[Joule-s\]
c) \[Joule\diagup s\]
d) \[kg-m- s^{2}\]

Answer: b
Explanation: \[Joule-s\]