Antonyms Questions and Answers Part-3

1. Always :
a) Never
b) Disallow
c) Daily
d) Regular

Answer: a
Explanation: Never: at no time in the past or future, not ever.

2. Bitter :
a) Bold
b) Sweet
c) Blunt
d) Timid

Answer: b
Explanation: Sweet: sugary, sisterly, dulcet, mawkish, unleavened.

3. Attractive :
a) Coward
b) Brave
c) Repulsive
d) Loathsome

Answer: c
Explanation: Repulsive: archaic lacking friendliness or sympathy, lacking attraction.

4. Abstain :
a) Forbear
b) Begin
c) Hoard
d) Tolerate

Answer: b
Explanation: Begin: commence, induct.

5. Ancient :
a) old
b) Disappear
c) Limited
d) Modern

Answer: d
Explanation: Modern: recent, contemporaneous, present-day, hodiernal.

6. Rigid :
a) Lenient
b) Tolerant
c) Limited
d) Walk

Answer: a
Explanation: Lenient: more merciful or tolerant than expected, flexible.

7. Permit :
a) Expand
b) Give
c) Contact
d) Forbid

Answer: d
Explanation: Forbid: refuse to allow.

8. Profusion :
a) Confusian
b) Aversion
c) Sharp
d) Scarcity

Answer: d
Explanation: Scarcity: the state of being scarce or in short supply, shortage.

9. Consolidate :
a) Weaken
b) Build
c) Destroy
d) Expand

Answer: a
Explanation: Weaken: make or become weaker in power, resolve, or physical strength.

10. Benign :
a) Unwise
b) Soft
c) Freiendly
d) Malevolent

Answer: d
Explanation: Malevolent: having or showing a wish to do evil to others.